Managing the Heart

In this podcast devotional, JB and Casie Shreve continue the look at the heart that we have been focusing on here at the website. The heart is complex, it is deep, it is unique to each of us, and it is central to our personal walk with God. As human beings, life teaches us to hide and hold back our hearts but that was not the direction that Jesus gave to us. Jesus was drawn toward little children because they had not yet learned to hide their hearts from the truth.


With a few verses and a lot of scripture JB and Casie look at the complexities of the human heart in this podcast episode and how key it is to learn to open our hearts to God.

This podcast is currently available to the public wherever you download your favorite podcasts. After a while it will be archived and available exclusively to our Patreon supporters here. 

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JB Shreve

JB Shreve is the host of the JB Shreve podcast and the End of History podcast channels. He is the author of multiple books.

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