A Good Samaritan Posture in a God Bless America World

This podcast episode looks at the issue of carrying a Good Samaritan posture or perspective in a God Bless America world. My aim was to use this famous passage of scripture to demonstrate how identity politics, from the left or the right, do not fit into the standard called for by Christ.

There is also a definite line that should not be crossed in the areas of nationalism or other forms of tribalism if our objective is to maintain our faith and the standards of a Christian way of life. The state of mercy in our heart is of far higher importance in the value system of God than our political beliefs and allegiances. This does not downplay our responsibility (and I believe priority) to be wise and informed. But it should recalibrate us and the internal drivers which shape how we see the world around us.

See the article referenced at the beginning of this episode, Who Is My Neighbor, here. You can also read the scriptural text I read when referencing the Good Samaritan story in Luke 10 here. (I used the Phillips and the Holman translations at different points in the podcast episode.)

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JB Shreve

JB Shreve is the host of the JB Shreve podcast and the End of History podcast channels. He is the author of multiple books.

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