Times of Deep Darkness

January 31, 20231 min read

We live in a time when a deep darkness is covering the earth, but we are called to see and recognize more, even amid the darkness. This podcast devotional looks at the idea of deep darkness described in scripture. It is a darkness so thick that, at times, it could even be felt. But within the darkness, there was God! That is the experiential reality we must know and embrace as we confront this season of God’s purposes in the earth.

For behold, darkness shall cover the earth,

and deep darkness the peoples;

but the LORD will arise upon you,

and his glory will be seen upon you.

And nations shall come to your light,

and kings to the brightness of your rising.

Isaiah 60:2-3 (ESV)


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. Genesis 1:1-2

Here is a link to our sister website that JB mentioned in the introduction to today’s podcast devotional episode. You might also enjoy these perspectives articles from JB regarding biblical principles applied to current events.


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