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David’s Outlaw Years – The Days of David Episode 7

May 25, 20231 min read

David’s life on the run from King Saul begins in this episode as we look at David’s outlaw years. Highlights of this story include the school of the prophets in Naioth, David’s flight from Saul, Doeg the Edomite, David faking madness before the Philistines, and David’s 400 at the Cave of Adullam. For those following along in our story with your own Bible Study, this episode covers the events of 1 Samuel 19-23.

This is an artistic rendering of the Cave of Adullam from 1880. As mentioned in this episode on David’s outlaw years, this artistic rendering is not really accurate. The cave of Adullam was more like a network of caves.

cave of adullam David's outlaw years


does the edomite David's outlaw years

An artistic capture of Doeg the Edomite from the middle ages.

David feigns madness, David's outlaw years

David seeks refuge with Achish, king of Gath, but fakes insanity (1 Sam 21:10)., 19th century art


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