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David’s Mighty Men and Many Women – The Days of David Episode 8

May 31, 20232 min read

The action starts to heat up in our podcast series on the life of David. This week’s episode looks at the building of David’s army, the famous elite forces unit known as David’s Mighty Men, and his many wives.

David’s mighty men are one of my favorite parts of the stories of David. For several years I taught a young men’s mentoring group, and this part of the story was always a highlight.

David's mighty men

David spares Saul’s life. The pictorial history of the world; embracing full and authentic accounts of every nation of ancient and modern times. Showing the causes of their prosperity and decline … With sketches of the leading characters in the world’s history by McCabe, James Dabney, 1842-1883

David's Mighty Men

Abishai saving David’s life from the Philistine giant Ishbi-benob, engraving by Gustave Doré


David's mighty men and David's wives

The Meeting of David and Abigail, artist Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640


For those following along in your Bible, today’s episode covers 1 Samuel 23-27, and 2 Samuel 21 & 23, and 1 Chronicles 3, & 11.


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