Gospel of John Bible Study

In January 2022, our devotionals will focus on the Gospel of John! The Gospel of John is unlike any other book of the Bible. That’s just one of the reasons why it is among my favorites to study and gain insight. In the gospel of John, we are invited to not only know about the story, the historical facts, or the purposes of Christ’s ministry; the writer invites us to see God Himself through the words.

Some readers find the gospel of John confusing at first glance. It’s not. It is different, though. The uniqueness of the book requires a unique approach.

You are invited to join us for a digital Bible study in the gospel of John throughout the month of January.

How It Works:

  • Try to read one chapter of the gospel of John a day throughout January. Highlight verses, underline, take notes, whatever works best for you.
  • Follow along with the podcast devotionals we will release throughout January to share what we are learning and seeing in the Bible study.
  • Watch for daily devotionals here at the website. Subscribe below to receive our newsletter regarding January’s Bible study through John.
  • Share your insights and thoughts through Facebook or in the comments section here at the website.

Let’s start 2022 off right and dig into the Word of God. In 2022 let’s move away from the chaos of the earth and deeper into the truth of God’s Word.


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gospel of John Bible Study
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