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David and Goliath – The Days of David Episode 5

May 3, 20231 min read

In this podcast episode, we meet the hero of your story – the young David. From his anointing as king to his time playing the harp in Saul’s court, and finally to one of the most famous scenes in history – the story of David and Goliath.

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  • The Mysterious Childhood of King David
  • This is a trailer for the series Kings that I mentioned in this episode. I enjoyed it when it came out. While looking for the trailer to post here, I came across some other videos that included a subplot about Jonathan (called Jack in the series) and David. I don’t remember any of that when I watched it and suspect it was added in later. I doubt I would have liked the series if it included that subplot back when I watched it around 2010.

  • Malcolm Gladwell TED Talk About David and Goliath


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