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A Prescription for Gratitude

December 11, 20234 min read

In our last post in this series, we looked at the prophet Daniel’s routine to give thanks to God three times a day, every day. His circumstances did not shift this standard for the prophet. No matter how good or bad things became, Daniel thanked God every day, three times a day.

There is something to be said for incorporating a routine and pattern of gratitude into our lives. Many times throughout the Psalms and the books of the prophets, the writers of God’s Word poetically describe how the dead do not praise God. The original Hebrew word for praise is often the same word translated as thanks and thanksgiving.

For the grave cannot praise you,

death cannot sing your praise;

those who go down to the pit

cannot hope for your faithfulness.

The living, the living—they praise you,

as I am doing today;

parents tell their children

about your faithfulness.

Isaiah 38:18-19 (NIV)


The dead cannot sing praises to the LORD,

for they have gone into the silence of the grave.

But we can praise the LORD

both now and forever!

Psalms 115:17-18 (NLT)

Thanksgiving, praise, and gratitude toward God are signs of life among mankind. The dead cannot give do it. It is the opportunity and privilege of the living to express gratitude toward God. Gratitude is, in fact, evidence of life. When we fill our hearts, minds, lives, and homes with gratitude before God, we adapt them to the sounds of real life.

Daniel exhibited signs of life even while living as a captive in the darkened city of Babylon. Establishing a pattern of gratitude toward God in our lives is vitally important. This pattern changes us. It brings new life to us.

Several times when counseling others, I have shared a tip regarding this power of expressing gratitude before God regularly. I call it a prescription for gratitude. Every morning, when driving to work or preparing for your day, vocally express five things you are thankful for. This list can be simple things, and it can vary from day to day. The most necessary step is to authentically connect with God from your heart and express thankfulness for these five things.

Then, in the evening, repeat the process as you go to bed and rest your head on your pillow. It does not have to be vocal this time, but from the center of your consciousness, look to God and thank Him for five things He has blessed you with. It can be the same five things or five different things. What matters is the authentic connection with God and a genuine expression of gratitude before Him.


At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You,

Because of Your righteous judgments.

I am a companion of all who fear You,

And of those who keep Your precepts.

The earth, O LORD, is full of Your mercy;

Teach me Your statutes.

Psalms 119:62-64 (NKJV)

This is the prescription for gratitude. It is a routine incorporated into my own life. I sleep better with this practice, but I also live better. Gratitude is a doorway to life amid our dark and dying world.


I challenge you to commit to this prescription for gratitude for the next 30 days. Set a reminder on your phone, in the morning and the night, to give thanks to God. Monitor the change in your own perspectives and the health of your own life.

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