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  • May 16, 2019By JB Shreve

    This podcast episode looks at the issue of carrying a Good Samaritan posture or perspective in a God Bless America world. My aim was to use this famous passage of scripture to demonstrate how identity politics, from the left or the right, do not fit into the standard called for by Christ. Download or stream … <a href="https://jbshreve.com/a-good-samaritan-posture-in-a-god-bless-america-world/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • May 5, 2019By JB Shreve

    This post looks at the Christian perspective of who is my neighbor, or who matters, in the face of growing religious violence around the world today. In the past month, there has been significant attention to various terrorist attacks against religious groups throughout the world. On March 15, 2019, in what has been called “one … <a href="https://jbshreve.com/who-is-my-neighbor-christian-perspective-in-the-face-of-growing-religious-violence/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read