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Politically Incorrect – The New Book from JB Shreve

November 22, 202311 min read

From identity politics to Make America Great Again, our modern political age thrives on outrage, shock, and increasing hostility toward our neighbors. In the new book Politically Incorrect: Real Faith In An Era of Unreal Politics, JB Shreve explores how we got here, how bad it has become, and what Christians must do next.

In a world going crazy, believers do not need a middle way between the red and blue political divide.

We need a higher way!

Today’s widespread frustration is the story of failed worldviews, hopelessly rooted in political ideologies to answer the daunting issues of life.

As deaths of despair, broken homes, and collapsing lives pervade our confused and toxic landscape, the hope of the Kingdom of God should be witnessing a harvest among the lost and hurting. Yet when the world looks to the Church today, they often see little more than another platform for political arguments and hypocrisy.

But God has preserved a remnant! Faithful believers remain who see beyond the chaos of the age and into the ultimate purposes of His Kingdom. This book is written to encourage the faithful to lift up their eyes and see the hope God is offering today. It is a pathway out of the chaos of darkness and into the promise of God’s hope of the Light!

Peek Inside the Bookpolitically incorrect by JB Shreve

Politically Incorrect: Real Faith In An Era of Unreal Politics was written for easy reading, with all 23 chapters packed full of informed wisdom that explores current events, modern political history, and deep Biblical insight into God’s design and calling for His people.


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  • Part 1 looks at the rise and fall of the Christian Right from the perspective of a faithful believer who recognizes God desires His people to be the salt of the earth. God called His people to be the light of the world, and that light must shine from the inside out.
  • Part 2 examines the current context of our political world, particularly how it became so polarized, angry, and full of despair. Behind the modern political divides lie the spiritual realities of a society that strayed from God and pursued the false gods of self.
  • Part 3 journeys through the scriptural origins and distinctions of this world’s nations and political systems versus the Kingdom of God. God called His people to engage with the world and presented specific standards for achieving this so we could be in the world but not of the world.

What’s Inside the Book: Chapter-by-Chapter 

  • Chapter 1 – Political Problems

To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, politics cannot solve the problems of our age because politics are the problem!

  • Chapter 2 – The Original Social Justice Warriors

Christian engagement with politics is not new and did not begin with modern perceptions of the Christian Right.

  • Chapter 3 – Culture Wars and the Rise of the Christian Right

The modern iteration of Christian political engagement was a response to extreme social changes and excesses of the 1960s and 70s.

  • Chapter 4 – How the Christian Right Went Wrong

The Christian Right became a formidable contender in American politics, quickly drifting toward a greater focus on building and retaining power rather than the Biblical mandate to be the salt of the earth.

  • Chapter 5 – The Abyss Stares Back

When political power became a higher priority than Biblically-based ethics and values, the darkness of this world began to corrupt the

  • Chapter 6 – Political Animals

When we predicate our worldview upon politics, dysfunction emerges because this perception is out of sync with the design of God.

  • Chapter 7 – 1446 BC

When we recognize that behind the chaos lies the unfolding purposes of God, we see a design far more profound than the modern political tumult leads us to believe.

  • Chapter 8 – The Rigged System

The frustration felt in modern society is symptomatic of a deeply flawed system of politics and economics.

  • Chapter 9 – Epidemics of Misery

The sense of a dark, chaotic moment in our history goes deeper than political protests and touches the very souls of individuals and homes seeking to navigate these troubled times.

  • Chapter 10 – Amplifiers

We are more connected than ever before while feeling isolated and alone. We are more informed but less trusting. We are more intelligent but more easily deceived.

  • Chapter 11 – Searching for the Light

It would seem the condition of the lost and hurting human souls living amid such darkness would be fertile soil for the message of the Kingdom of God. But as Jesus observed, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

  • Chapter 12 – Light in Darkness

Isaiah 60 describes a unique image of two mutually exclusive realities unfolding simultaneously. Deep darkness covered the earth and its people, even as the light of the glory of God ascended upon His people.

  • Chapter 13 – A Battle Against the gods

Behind every front where we see political chaos and anxiety today lies the ultimate question – Who is in charge?

  • Chapter 14 – A Gentle Answer

The nature of our response to the chaos of the age is as important as our understanding of the reality behind it.

  • Chapter 15 – The Issue of Power

Once we realize that the real struggle of our age is about who is in charge, we understand why politics, the pursuit and distribution of power, is so prevalent in our cultural debates and narratives.

  • Chapter 16 – God the Nation Builder

God has always desired His own people who would carry His name and values in the earth through a lifestyle of obedience.

  • Chapter 17 – Why Do the Nations Rage

The contest for power to secure self-interests is the basis for all earth-based politics and their corresponding policies and drama, from elections to wars.

  • Chapter 18 – The Kingdoms of this World

Genesis 3-15 describes two competing value systems in the earth after the fall of man. These two competing systems defined the beginning of the nations of this world versus the Nation (Kingdom) of God.

  • Chapter 19 – The Founding Father

In the events of Abraham’s life recorded from Genesis 12-15, we find the establishment of a lifestyle and value system that directly contrasts against the nations of this world.

  • Chapter 20 – The Nation of God

Just as the nations of this world have their foundational elements and values, so does the nation (or Kingdom of God).

  • Chapter 21 – Is America A Christian Nation?

While we find American history filled with individuals and groups who pursued the Kingdom of God, there is a distinct difference between the nations of this world and the Nation of God.

  • Chapter 22 – The Least of These

While there is a fundamental difference between the nations of this world and the Nation of God, scripture describes a path of blessing and favor when the nations of this world embrace the values of God. Our role as believers is vital in this arena.

  • Chapter 23 – A Chosen Generation

When we see the reality of what God is doing today, the surrounding chaos is no longer a source of anxiety, anger, or fear. It is a cause for joy.

Who Needs to Read This Book

politically incorrect by jb shreve

I hope that every believer will read this book, but this book is specifically targeted toward:

  • Believers who struggle with how to prioritize their faith with their politics.

  • Politically engaged Christians who want to see the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Socially conscious believers who want to understand God’s heart for justice and mercy in the earth.

  • Leaders who want to explain the current environment of chaos intelligently and biblically, including how we should respond.

  • Parents seeking to preserve their homes in the light of God even amid the darkness of the age.

  • Church members looking to find the Biblical purposes of God in a context of wickedness and chaos.

  • Voters who feel frustrated with a corrupt political system that only produces a dysfunctional society, even as they earnestly desire God’s engagement with the world around them.

  • Faithful workers who seek to engage the light of God in a workplace that is often hostile to their faith.

  • College students learning how to navigate faith-based values in a sea of oppositional doctrines and belief systems.

political incorrect by JB Shreve