Quarrelling with the Creator

This speech from Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg went viral Monday after his direct denunciation of the perspectives of Vice President Mike Pence regarding homosexuality and gay marriage.



The speech is significant. It is a calm, reasonable, and humane approach to a divide in perspectives between a shrinking minority of people who disagree with gay marriage and lifestyles on the basis of their faith and a growing majority who cannot comprehend such a thought.

This Was About Christian Faith


Our media is saturated with pro-LGBT messages and images. Most television shows and movies now have idealized LGBT characters.



There is no reasonable voice that opposes gay marriage or gay lifestyle in the mainstream media today. Our society is pro-LGBT and pro-gay marriage.


This is important to recognize because it helps us to understand that while Mr. Buttigieg was addressing Vice President Mike Pence, the Vice President was really only a symbol for the shrinking minority of people who still remain opposed to gay marriage and LGBT lifestyle on the basis of their faith. This is who Mr. Buttigieg was addressing.


As society grows ever more embracing of LGBTQ lifestyles and gay marriage, the shrinking minority who still hold an oppositional perspective are usually doing so based upon their religious faith and convictions. Even this minority however is shrinking every year.



The isolated holdouts in opposing LGBTQ lifestyles are predominantly Christian. As their numbers dwindle, those who hold such old fashioned and traditional perspectives are frequently portrayed as backward, unreasonable, or simply bigoted.

This Was About Born This Way


According to Mr. Buttigieg, his homosexuality has brought him closer to God, improved his faith and if anyone has “a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me — your quarrel, sir, it is with my creator.”


This is the “born this way” premise presented for a Christian audience to hear and understand. If you don’t agree with my lifestyle you need to talk to God about it because He made me this way.


If you have listened to my podcast on LGBT Facts & Fictions you will recall the deep dive we did into the science, history, and philosophy of the Born This Way argument. There is zero scientific, biological, or genetic evidence that supports the idea people are “born gay.” This result contradicts the millions (possibly billions) of dollars that have been invested into researching the subject often in studies whose motives and objectivity are very questionable at best.


To put it very plainly – there is no reason to believe anyone is born LGBTQ. Reason requires evidence and no such evidence has been found. The assertion of “born this way” is a statement of faith.


This Was About Knowing What and Why You Believe – It Was About Who Is In Charge


Mr. Buttigieg’s assertion that he was born this way and we need to take up our quarrel with his Creator is a challenge made not on the basis of reason, science, facts, or even opinion – it is a challenge to the definitions and standards of faith. How do we apply our faith to define what is right and what is wrong?


The application of faith-based positions to the issues and challenges confronted in our daily life and culture is central to what it means to be a Christian. The tensions brought about by being in this world but not deriving our values and morality from this world is given great attention and guidance throughout the New Testament.


For a believer, determining what is right and true has nothing to do with how many people agree and support that position. It has everything to do with what the Word of God says about the matter.



We truly do need to take the issues up with Mr. Buttigieg’s Creator, but the Creator’s definitions of right and wrong are not defined within the context of popular culture, public opinion, or flaccid revisionist theology.


The definitions of right and wrong, for the faithful Christian, are found in the Word of God.

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It Is About Oppositional Standards, Not Opposing People


What Mr. Buttigieg speech highlights for us is the growing divide between oppositional standards of right and wrong in our culture today. One standard is based upon personal preference and self-will. The other standard is based upon the Word of God. Only one of these will endure in the end. Only one of these standards will actually produce abundant life in accordance with the way we were designed to live. The other will fail.


Because this is about oppositional standards of truth and righteousness, we can rest assured it is not about opposing people. Unfortunately, many will not recognize this paradox.


LGBTQ is considered a lifestyle issue or an identity issue and to oppose it, even on the basis of faith, is often interpreted as opposing an individual’s identity or the individual himself.


This conundrum is also resolved for Christians when they adhere to the standards of God outlined clearly in scripture.


Throughout the Old and New Testament, God’s disallowance and disapproval of LGBT as a lifestyle are made clear. Yet at the same time, He sent His only Son for “whoever” would believe (John 3:16) and He desires that no one would be destroyed.


To that end, I can appreciate Mr. Buttigieg and those who believe like him. I can value them, as God values them while at the same time disagreeing with their standards and judgments of right and wrong.


This Is Not A Culture War


I am often tempted to not write about these issues here at the blog. I do not gain readers or subscribers with these kinds of posts. I generally lose them. But I truly believe observation and response to the trends in our culture are needed.


The term Culture Wars was coined in the closing decades of the last century to describe the contest between liberal and conservative worldviews in our society. I do not believe this is a culture war or even a political fight.


This is an issue of sight into what is right and what is wrong. Recognizing deception and properly responding to deception is essential for faith-based people in this generation. When we hear a speech such as that presented by Mr. Buttigieg this week we need to recognize what it really is and also what the truth is.


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