Faith and Reason in the Time of Pandemic – A Christian Response to Pandemic Fears


Alarm bells are sounding across the world as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads. At the time of this post there are more than 121,000 confirmed cases globally, and more than 4,300 deaths. As we watch through the lens of our media and communications saturated culture many are moving to different extreme positions. Some are raiding store shelves and cleaning out the grocery store’s inventory of toilet paper and antibacterial cleaners. Other people are assuming a posture of denial and stating this is media hype possibly driven by political motives. What is the faithful Christian response to pandemic fears?

What is a reasonable and faith-based response in the time of pandemic? JB Shreve is joined by LynnDee Summers and Dr. Malachi Nichols in today’s podcast episode to look at this question and the realities confronting us in the environment of a coronavirus pandemic.

Learn More About the Facts Behind the Coronavirus Outbreak:

In the midst of any crisis, God is looking for a posture of faith from His people in the earth (Luke 18:8). A Christian response to pandemic should be filled with both wisdom (or reason) and faith. That is why politics and fear have very little to do with a truly Christian response to pandemic or anything we confront in the world today. Believers should know the facts. They should be wise. They should not be in denial. They should not be ruled by fear. They should not be swayed by the manipulation of leaders and information channels. A Christian response to pandemic is ultimately about finding the posture and pathway for your life and home from a higher Source – as is everything in the Christian walk of life.

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