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  • Variants, Vaccines, and Verses

    vaccines, variants, verses

    JB Shreve is joined by Dr. Jason Lofton to discuss what is unfolding with the coronavirus variants. They also discuss the vaccines, the highs, and lows of the US, and the global approach to the pandemic. Finally, they look at a Biblical approach to the

    svg1 min read
  • Build On the Rock

    foolish builder build on the rock

    In the Monday Morning Devotional this week we looked at the reality of the wise and foolish builders. The foolish builder is the guy who builds on the foundation of sand. It is a foundation of easier decisions, comfort, and an easy fit for the

    svg2 min read
  • All the False Gods

    false gods

    In the book of Exodus, Moses confronted not only Pharaoh but a wide array of false gods represented that the Egyptians worshipped. Each plague was targeted against a unique Egyptian god as the one true God flexed His mighty arm to devastate an empire, deliver

    svg1 min read
  • Conspiracy Theories – Seeing They Do Not See

    conspiracy theories

    The human brain was designed to believe but often that design is hijacked by lies and deceptions. In this podcast devotional, JB Shreve & the End of History look at the rise of conspiracy theories, even (perhaps particularly) among believers. This podcast looks at the

    svg3 min read
  • The Lawless States of America


    The violent chaos and shameful acts that occurred in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, was not the result of Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It was not the result of the media. It was the result of a lawless spirit that is running rampant

    svg1 min read
  • Finding Truth In the Noise

    finding truth in the noise

    Opportunist politicians, biased media, outraged social media…how can believers find truth in the noise of our chaotic times. In this podcast devotional, JB Shreve uses history, current events, and scripture to help listeners interested in finding truth in the noise of distraction and deception that

    svg3 min read
  • Considering Grace, In A Year of Years

    considering grace

    This podcast devotional from JB Shreve & the End of History looks at the idea of grace as we reflect on a year of years at the end of 2020. There’s something about the hardest times we experience that can serve as a trigger to

    svg1 min read
  • Code Words & Discernment

    code word discernment

    In a prior podcast devotional, I noted that a key hallmark in an age of rising darkness is deception. In today’s podcast devotional we look at the language of code words and how this is central to deception. For people of faith, discernment is more

    svg3 min read
  • The Growing Darkness

    growing darkness

    All around us is evidence of growing darkness. Darkness is not just sin and wickedness. Darkness also means a lack of sight. A lack of clarity. It’s confusion. Disorientation.  It’s great deception. It’s a place and time of fear. It’s yelling to be heard because

    svg1 min read
  • The Slide Towards Evil

    slide toward evil

    Our modern society is held together by a string of illusions that help believe things are better than they are. We imagine we are too far removed from evil to ever be too seriously impacted or led astray. But as illusions fall, reality comes to

    svg3 min read
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