Kingdom Worldview Video Series

We are pleased to present our first video series. Using podcasts and videos this series looks at the idea of a Kingdom worldview.

While there are thousands of worldviews out there, they can all be divided into two basic categories – a Babylonian worldview and a Kingdom worldview. One of these can produce a lot that looks good on the surface but in the end, always leads to failure. The other can look weak on the surface but actually leads to quality and wholeness of life. One of these always finds its origins in the earth, in that which is created. The other always finds its origin in the heart, mind, and perspective of God. It sounds simple but many are surprised by how earth-based their worldview truly is.

False, inadequate, and fragile worldviews create stressed, unstable, and anxious lives. A Kingdom worldview grows stronger, from faith to faith and glory to glory, according to the Bible. We are living in an age when the correctness of our worldview is more important than ever before. Correctness is not defined by our ability to be right when others are wrong. Correctness of worldview is defined by the strength and quality of life while the world around us grows more and more dangerous and unsteady.

Through careful and deliberate exploration of scripture, this video series explores the philosophy of worldviews, good and bad, and guides the viewers on a journey to assessing, testing, and building a correct worldview in their own lives.

Use the links below to follow this series and access the complete resources that will guide you toward a biblical guided life of wholeness and quality. Links will become active as new videos and podcast episodes are made available.


You can also see the entire Kingdom Worldview video series at YouTube

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JB Shreve

JB Shreve is the host of the JB Shreve podcast and the End of History podcast channels. He is the author of multiple books.

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