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JB ShreveI have many passions – my faith, my family, my church. I also love to learn and consider where my faith fits into all of these areas, not to mention the modern chaotic world in which I live.

In 2012 I began producing a podcast called the JB Shreve & End of History. The End of History is still going strong! In fact, that podcast and website had more traffic in the last year than ever before. But I found whenever I included my faith in the perspectives of the world, some listeners became confused or, worse, even alienated.

In 2020 as the pandemic and global lockdown came into place, I began producing podcast devotionals with a small group of friends, including (my best friend) Casie (my wife). These podcast devotionals received a lot of positive feedback from a large segment of our audience that has been built since 2012 but also further alienated some listeners who only wanted a fact-based perspective of history and current events we are confronting today.

jb shreve christian podcast devotionalsThis website and podcast aim to resolve these issues. To relieve the confusion and help me better target the development of the articles, podcasts, and videos I enjoy creating, I am separating these interests into two websites. For those who enjoy history and fact-based explainers of the world, you can count on continued quality content from the End of History. Those who want consistent articles, podcasts, and videos focused upon building strong faith in our chaotic times – welcome to

Every Monday (Well…almost every Monday), you can find a new devotional here at the website focused upon a Biblical perspective of the world in which we live. This blog and podcast will also provide regular podcasts and perspectives articles, including podcast devotionals, for faithful considerations regarding our age.

I hope our listeners enjoy the efforts here. We love to hear from you whenever the articles or podcasts touch your life in a special way. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates whenever new items are published here at

Incidentally, if you still want to receive podcasts from BOTH websites, please consider supporting our Patreon page.

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JB Shreve

JB Shreve is the host of the JB Shreve podcast and the End of History podcast channels. He is the author of multiple books.

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